​When Life Seems Broken

January 26, 2023


When Life Seems Broken

Gwen Smith


At current’s Actuality

The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire (Nehemiah 1:3 NIV).

Good buddy to Good buddy

Some associates of ours merely expert a devastating loss. Their lives will not ever be the an identical and we’re hurting with them. When data like what our associates merely expert arrives, it often shakes us to the core, leaving us swirling with questions and feeling overwhelmed with emotions.

Nehemiah was the cupbearer to the king of a land faraway from his dwelling. (Which means he held a trusted place that allowed him personal entry to the king.) When some earlier associates bought right here to metropolis, he came across that his people, the Jews, had been in a horrible state of affairs. Deeply burdened by the knowledge, he wept, mourned, fasted, and prayed. He took the devastation of his people to coronary coronary heart and responded on a soul stage.


The Bible reveals us that Nehemiah prayed. He was pressed nevertheless not crushed. He instructed the Lord that he was sorry for the way in which by which he and his people had rejected God and for the strategies that they’d disobeyed His directions. He remembered the instructions of God to His people and reminded Him of His ensures. And he requested God to hearken to his prayer, give him favor and lead his responses.

I be taught this and see a vibrant occasion of the way in which by which I should reply when robust circumstances come my method. When my members of the family are hurting. When my homeland is unsafe and vulnerable to assault. Listed under are only a few elementary faith guidelines we’re in a position to apply that Nehemiah modeled in his prayer and throughout the conversations that adopted.

1. BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. Nehemiah wept and mourned in response to the state of affairs. You don’t have to fake that you just simply’re “very good” when life hurts. Instead, you’ll be able to do what Nehemiah did: cry. Be sad. Mourn. Grieve.

On account of life is hard … and just because we’re Christians would not indicate we get easy passes.

Happily, God is conscious of sorrow properly and is the generous provide of comfort we wish.

2. PRAY. Nehemiah’s extremely efficient prayer included the following. I’ve bullet pointed them to be a useful data:

– Begin with confession (on behalf of you and your people).

– Take into account and remind God of His Phrase.

– Petition on behalf of others (Pray in your people. Stand throughout the gap. Intercede.)

– Ask for achievement (Certain. You be taught this correct. It’s okay to ask God to offer you want. Nehemiah did!)

– Ask for mercy (That the punishment we and our people deserve might be withheld.)

Whereas following this template of Nehemiah’s prayer doesn’t guarantee any of us that God will reply our prayers as we anticipate Him to, it does give us a step-by-step path to adjust to that may focus our hearts on God’s intervention.

Then, after Nehemiah prayed, the Lord allowed the king to see that one factor was fallacious. And the Lord allowed Nehemiah to experience the favor he requested for. BUT he wanted to face his fears with a view to step into the provision God had for him. And this reveals us one different good takeaway…

3. DON’T LET FEAR HOLD YOU BACK. Nehemiah was heavy with sorrow and the king noticed. In chapter 2 the king requested Nehemiah what had made him sad. “So the king requested me, “Why does your face look so sad when you end up not ill? This can be nothing nevertheless disappointment of coronary coronary heart” (Nehemiah 2:2).

Insightful king, correct?

The following phrases Nehemiah writes are, “I was very so much afraid, nevertheless I discussed to the king, “Might the king reside with out finish! Why should my face not look sad when the city the place my fathers are buried lies in ruins, and its gates have been destroyed by fire?” (Nehemiah 2:2-3)

Amazingly, the king cared! He requested what he may do to help, after which provided Nehemiah with each factor he needed to return to Jerusalem and help his people rebuild the ruins.

Nehemiah may’ve shrugged off the king’s question. He may’ve talked about, Nothing is fallacious, my lord! I’m very good. All is properly. Nevertheless he didn’t. Even supposing he was afraid, he spoke truth. He didn’t let fear keep him once more. And due to this, he was equipped with what he needed and was mobilized in the direction of therapeutic.

Are there points which have your coronary coronary heart grieving and sifting by the use of ashes?

Are you making an attempt to take care of a stiff larger lip and carry these broken burdens quietly?

God is all about rebuilding broken hearts and hopes, pal. He focuses on reworking smoky ash heaps into pretty exhibits of His grace. He’ll switch you in the direction of that magnificence and therapeutic as you progress in the direction of Him in distress as Nehemiah did.

Let’s Pray

Costly Lord, You are compassionate, gracious, devoted, and extremely efficient. Please forgive my members of the family and me for the strategies we’ve disobeyed. Please ship redemption and therapeutic to _________________. Pour out Your favor and mercy on us in the mean time and help me to adjust to Your important. In Jesus’ Title, Amen.

Now It’s Your Flip

What has you grieving or decided for God’s intervention correct now?

Study Nehemiah 1 then write out Nehemiah’s prayer nevertheless personalize it.

Further from the Girlfriends

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